Incorporated in 1946 as J.H. Honeycutt & Sons, our produce company began with a father and his sons delivering produce from a pickup truck.

As demand for fruits and vegetables increased in Chadbourn, North Carolina, John Henry Honeycutt, Sr. built a small building for the business next to his home -  on the same land our facility sits today. His sons built homes for themselves on the same block, and soon that area of Holland Street in Chadbourn was referred to as “Honeycutt Hill.”

For many years after John Sr. passed, his sons continued buying and delivering produce, and by 1980, the third generation - John III (Johnny) and Phil - became part-owners alongside their father, John Jr. 

Adapting to industry demand over the next decade, we focused on foodservice customers. When John Jr. retired in 1995, his two sons became co-owners of the family business; a business that had grown far beyond local produce delivery by pickup truck.

Since 1990, we’ve expanded our radius from 50 miles to roughly over 250 miles, serving the areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We’ve grown our customer base from predominantly grocery stores to large foodservice institutions, including many national chains. To continue this momentum, we’ve added facilities, equipment, vehicles, and staff to exponentially increase our capacity to serve. After all, good service is doing more than the customer expects

We are now a fourth generation family business, as Johnny’s daughter, Teresa, and son, Jonathan, lead our operations and sales teams.

In 2016, we celebrated 70 years as a company. Thank you to our customers for helping us achieve this great milestone and for your continued loyalty to our family business!