Food Safety Policy Statement

Each of us at Honeycutt Produce has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers, and the environment. We do this by aspiring to operate a safe, injury-free, and healthy workplace where product is received, stored, and distributed in a manner that is always safe for our customers while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Above all, our primary concern is that the products we distribute are kept at the very highest standards and set of behaviors practiced. These are based on the practice of sound science, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

We regularly measure compliance against current standards and implement performance objectives to assure our customers that we are providing products that are safe while meeting their quality expectations.

We require that:

  • Product is always received, stored and distributed under sanitary conditions that does not expose it to the risk of contamination

  • All employees be provided the information, training, and tools necessary to do their job in a hygienic and compliant manner

  • Employees comply with all company food safety policies and procedures

  • Management assumes the role of supervision of our employees for compliance and conformance with these standards

  • Suppliers and contractors adhere to like-minded standards and regulations

It is the responsibility of senior management to ensure that appropriate resources, including human resources and financial resources, are aligned with continued implementation of this policy across all operations and communication of our policies and standards to employees.

Our food safety performance will be considered at every management meeting at Honeycutt Produce. We review this policy annually to ensure it continues to reflect our aims and goals of the company and keeps us up to date with legislative requirements. We will report annually on the introduction of and compliance with these standards.

Good service is doing more than the customer expects. We live by this statement.